Lunch menu from the 4th to the 8th of September 2017


“Dubarry” cauliflower cream 38,-
Salad “Lanadaise” French lentil, duck breast, egg, tomatoes… 139,-
Halibut fillet, carrot-orange sauce, bulgur 169,-
Veal pie, salad 139,-
Spaghetti “Carbonara” 139,-


Gorgoznola soup with zucchini 38,-
Salad with goat cheese broiled on toast 139,-
Lasagne with smoked salmon and broccoli 139,-
Chicken “Cordon bleu”, mashed potatoes 139,-
Pappardelle with lemon and zucchini 139,-


Pea-carrot soup 38,-
Lasagna rolls with gorgonzola and tomato sauce 139,-
Tuna burger, green bean salad 139,-
Slow baked pork belly, spelt with caper berries and cucumber 139,-
Linguine with peas, lemon, parsley and fresh cheese 139,-


Beef broth with noodles 38,-
Mushroom pie, salad 139,-
Mussels boiled in wine with shallots and parsley, baguette 139,-
Beef “Bourgignon”, mashed potatoes 139,-
Penne with nut sauce and prosciutoo 139,-


Goulash soup 38,-
Salad “Oriental” 139,-
Salmon fillet, lentil ragout 139,-
Veal hanger steak, cognac sauce, French fries 149,-
Spaghetti with zucchini and garlic 139,-

Changes are possible. Lunch menu from 11.30 am until it is sold out. Take away possible.