Lunch menu from the 5th to the 9th of June 2017


Vegetable soup with cheese gnocchi 38,-
Zucchini broiled with goat cheese, salad 139,-
Cod fillet with chilli and crème fraiché, mashed potatoes 149,-
Ciabatta with chicken breast, Italian dressing and zucchini, French fries 139,-
Spaghetti “Carbonara” 139,-


Beef broth 38,-
Vegetable salad with stuffed mushrooms 139,-
Salmon marinated maple syrup and soya sauce, buglur 159,-
Beef chuck roll with root vegetables, French fries 149,-
Risotto with gorgornzola and leek 139,-


White garlic soup 38,-
Quiche with spinach and smoked salmon 139,-
Cod fillet with sauce “Aioli”, baked vegetables, potatoes 139,-
Baked chicken with herb sauce, rice pilaf 139,-
“Risotto nero” with calamari and cherry tomatoes 139,-


Minestrone 38,-
Ruccola salad with shrimps and cherry tomatoes 139,-
Tuna tartar, ciabatta 159,-
Lamb “Bourgignon”, couscous with raisins 149,-
French potatoes 139,-


Spinach cream 38,-
Caesar´s salad with calamari 139,-
Salmon fillet baked with prosciutto, risotto with iceberg lettuce 159,-
Pork fillet mignon, pepper sauce, potatoes au gratin 139,-
Spaghetti “Bolognese” 139,-

Changes are possible. Lunch menu from 11.30 am until it is sold out. Take away possible.