Lunch menu from the 21st to the 28st of April 2017


“Kulajda” 38,-
Salad “Nicoise” 139,-
Linguine with calamari fingers, pumpkin, parsley and garlic 139,-
Ciabatta with chicken breast, zucchini, mayonnaise and Italian dressing 139,-
Spaghetti “Carbonara” 129,-


Beef broth with noodles 38,-
Quiche with goat cheese, salad 139,-
Tagliatelle with salmon, dill, caper berries and sour cream 139,-
Beef slices, pumpkin sauce, mashed potatoes with almonds 139,-
Lemon risotto with smoked salmon, mascarpone and ruccola 139,-


“Cressy” carrot soup 38,-
Salad with poultry liver and balsamic 139,-
Cod roll with sundried tomatoes and ruccola, cheese sauce, bulgur 139,-
Pork chop “Charcuties”, mashed potatoes 139,-
Linguine with zucchini and garlic 129,-


Pumpkin creamy soup with coconut milk 38,-
Mushroom pie, salad 139,-
Tuna wrapped in sesame seeds, vegetable purée 139,-
Chicken “Cordon bleu”, mashed potatoes 139,-
Tomato risotto with basil 129,-


White cabbage soup 38,-
Eggplant broiled with chicken breast and sundried tomatoes, salad 139,-
Salmon fillet, lentil ragout 159,-
Veal chop on pepper, Basmati rice 139,-
Tagliatelle with lemon and basil 139,-

Changes are possible. Lunch menu from 11.30 am until it is sold out. Take away possible.